Maintainence for your Ravin Crossbow

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KEEP your Ravin Crossbow in Peak Condition:

Get peak performance from your Ravin Crossbow and live at the apex of the hunt. For questions on how to best maintain your Ravin Crossbow, give us a shout, we’re here to help!
With regular inspection and proper maintenance, you extend the life of your crossbow and elevate your game. That’s why at Ravin we recommend changing the string and cables at least every two years or after 400 shots (or 200 shots for R500 Series and R18 crossbows)—whichever occurs first—or whenever wear or damage is visible.
Replacing the string and cables before every other hunting season is best practice and should be a regular part of your crossbow maintenance routine.
Implementing this upkeep into your routine will ensure your crossbows maintain their fast, efficient, rifle-like downrange accuracy and help you continue unleashing your greatness, year after year.



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