The use of bow and arrows requires great caution and concentration to avoid injury to people and / or things; if you are not qualified, they must be handled under the supervision of experts in this field.


    Before inserting the arrow in the bow, always check if it is intact as its damage or damage to any other component of the arrow can cause serious injury to you or to those around you and can also cause serious damage to the bow.

    To ensure that the arrow is intact, you can carry out the following steps:

    1. Always check the integrity of the nock, and if it is broken, remove it and replace it with an intact nock ;
    2. Carefully inspect the shaft to check for cracks and/or openings, to help you can:
      1. Take the arrow at the ends and bend the arrow slightly from side to side and if you hear any noise or see something strange, we recommend that you discard the arrow.
      2. Take the shaft between the index finger and the thumb and with the other hand turn the arrow slowly and if you feel scratches, steps, cracks and/or other, the also in this case we recommend discarding the arrow;
    3. If you have any doubts that the arrow is damaged and not intact, discard the arrow.

    After inserting the arrow on the bow, do not point the tip towards you or other people, as if the arrow accidentally fires it can lead to serious consequences.
    The use of the bow and the arrows must always be done without distractions and always having in mind that it could cause damage to people and / or property. your trusted dealer.

    Have fun!


    When you proceed to cut the rods we recommend if mpre the use of a tube cutter and specific blades for cutting arrows for archery.
    Always cut the shafts with the nock already inserted, and always use protective goggles.
    If you do not have the skills and / or experience to be able to proceed with cutting, we still recommend going to a sales point or specifying the length for cutting the temples when ordering, so as not to damage the arrow itself or cause injury to you or to people close to you.


    To glue the tips we remind you as always to be careful and to use materials created especially for archery.
    If you do not have the skills and / or experience to be able to proceed with the gluing of the tip, however, we recommend that you go to a store or specify when ordering the request to glue the tip on the arrow.